Workplace Bullying: Leader or Liability?

Many companies spend a great deal of time and money attracting and recruiting great talent, only to struggle with keeping them engaged and productive. Many executives, as well as new managers, have spent years perfecting their technical skills, but little time learning how lead a team, whether remotely or in person.

A poor leader isn’t necessarily a bully – but may tolerate behavior, or a culture, where the bully can thrive. Why do some organizations tolerate bad behavior just because the perpetrator is a high performer?

Workplace bullying shows up in different forms, covert and overt and can look like aggressiveness, humiliation or manipulation. It often occurs in what could be considered a hostile workplace environment. And, it almost always results in stress and anxiety, which can lead to physical complications. And, it always affects productivity, employee engagement and retention – which all correlate to revenue and profitability.

Today, we’ll talk with Irené Turtle, Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach, about how  bullies come in all forms, male and female, and show up in every industry. Like most workplace and leadership issues, it all starts with awareness and a willingness on the organization’s part to take the necessary steps to address it.  Irene will help you learn how to address workplace bullying as a leader – to create a positive environment where high-performing teams can thrive!

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