Strategies to Build Business Value so You Can Ultimately Exit Rich

Today, we are speaking with Sharon Lechter, keynote speaker, best-selling author, business strategist, elite entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor about “Strategies to Build Business Value so You Can Ultimately Exit Rich!

As a business strategist and mentor, Sharon Lechter wrote, “Think and Grow Rich for Women”. While the steps to success are the same for men and women, we approach those steps very differently. The original Think and Grow Rich was written during a time when only men were titans in business. This book for women and looks at his principles for success through the eyes of successful women. Over 300 women are celebrated and share their stories in this thought provoking and timely message. And, her latest book “Exit Rich” explains the keys to a successful business sale, so business owners can exit rich!

Listen in as Sharon Lechter, the author of “Think and Grow Rich for Women” and “Exit Rich” explains how you can build business value now, so you can exit rich later!  For business owners across the spectrum, proactive preparation is absolutely mandatory. Whether you are divesting the business completely or bringing in a private equity investor to fuel additional growth, the process you develop and follow will play a critical role in creating value for you and your family.

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