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HR that Makes a Difference 

Insperity is dedicated to helping businesses prosper by taking care of the things that could be distracting you from the bigger picture. Insperity’s Workforce Optimization®, a comprehensive PEO service, provides administrative relief, access to better benefits, reduced liabilities and dedicated HR support from our service team. Insperity combines personalized service and a proprietary HR technology platform to provide an unmatched customer experience.

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Jabord Partner


An Interactive Multimedia Profile Builder & The New Way to Tell Your Story

Jabord, an interactive multimedia profile builder, will help you stand out and tell your story because you are more than words on a page.

Jabord’s interactive digital profile builder allows you to add an intro video, your portfolio (certificates, transcripts, work samples & references, article, speeches), tag content, create a unique link to share with your target audience, and track views.

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Innovation Women

Uplevel Your Public Speaking Skills

A high-value platform focused on supporting speaking engagements for women - offering speaker profiles, a searchable database of speaking engagements, and hundreds of hours of education.
• An easy-to-use database to find speaking opportunities
• Speaker profiles and an app for speakers to create video
• Profiles in Lioness Magazine and allowing members to contribute articles, book features and round up features

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SPEAKNOWMAY (all caps)


Speakers Networking and Mastermind Group

Level Up by Getting Paid to Speak

Ready to get paid to speak? Or maybe generate more paying clients from your free talks? Then this highly supportive, collaborative group is for you, as our fast-paced virtual meetings provide priceless guidance and pivotal steps for Speakers looking to "level up" by getting paid to speak, or generating more paying clients from free talks, without being pushy!

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Like Tinder for Podcasters

Devoted to helping independent voices get  elevated through podcasting.

PodMatch is a software that automatically matches ideal podcast guests and hosts for interviews! PodMatch pays the podcast host when the episode with your ideal guest is released!  

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Zondra TV

Want to Promote Your Business on TV?

Announcing a new partnership with Zondra TV, an award-winning TV / Media Network focused on elevating business brands and providing exposure through streaming TV technology. Zondra TV offers distribution across all major streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV!

LeadHERship Global members have the opportunity to do a live or virtual 30-minute interview on Zondra TV, which includes a custom landing page, a social media campaign with cross promotion and a 30-second professional video reel for only $450!


My Most Trusted

Secure Hard-to-Reach Introductions and Referrals

Allow us to assist you to reach your ideal prospects on LinkedIn, and make introductions and referrals for you! Let us simplify your business development process and help you achieve your targets. Your very own concierge will be assigned to your LinkedIn profile, selecting the relevant connections and cleverly hand-picked referrals for you to meet and engage with!

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Need a Guest

Got a podcast, show, or stage?

Matchmaking site for interviewers and guests.

As a member of LeadHership Global, we invite you to join our “Need A Guest” group for free opportunities to be a featured guest on a variety of podcasts, or to post your requests for well-qualified guests on your podcasts or stages. 

“Need A Guest” is a matchmaking group, helping quality guests find great podcasts, and great podcasts find quality guests. This dynamic group is hosted by Angel Tuccy!


Womenlines Publishing

Womenlines, a leading online magazine for women, proudly partners with LeadHERship Global to provide exclusive benefits to members, to grow their online visibility. Womenlines has been listed among the top 60 women's online magazines globally!

LeadHERship members can receive FREE AND DISCOUNTED content marketing services, effectively enhancing their online visibility on a global scale.

Elevate your brand's visibility with Womenlines' exceptional content marketing services!



Empowering everyone to preserve, protect and grow their wealth

iFlip offers AI-based investing solution that is revolutionizing the way you will preserve and grow your wealth. The software is easier to use, less expensive and most importantly - outperforms - any other active management system available to the average investor.

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Oola helps people achieve life balance and live out their purpose. By utilizing a digital framework and apps, people can set and achieve goals in every area of life: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness/health, Finances, Field/Career, and Fun. It is a remarkable tool to help people create consistency, see progress against their goals, and receive support!

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Goldman Sachs

Small Business. Big Voice

Practical growth program for small business owners – at no cost! Apply to join this business accelerator to design a personalized growth plan for your company!

You receive a free business coach for the duration of the program and over 70% of graduates report higher revenue after just 6 months! Everything your small business needs to grow is here.


KW Enterprises

Are You Ready to Propel Your Success?

KW Enterprises has helped countless CEOs take their businesses to new heights of success. This boutique consulting firm specializes in using stars and strategy to help you clear your pathway to success. As JP Morgan famously said, "Millionaires don't use astrologers, billionaires do." Now, you too can get the billionaires' insider secrets and knowledge by taking advantage of KW Enterprises exclusive Success Accelerator offer.

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The Great Discovery Logo

The Great Discovery

Learn From Anywhere
Earn From Everywhere.

Our goal is to connect curious minds with exceptional content from across the globe. Want to grow your audience? Create new income streams? Learn something new? You're in the right place! Reach new frontiers and audiences worldwide. Share your expertise and watch your business grow. It's your time to shine on a global stage.



Ducere Global Business School

Attain a globally accredited university degree, while solving internal business challenges for your business! Ducere and its university partners tailor degrees to the specific needs of each student. You'll study only specialized, career-focused courses, then apply your knowledge to solving internal strategic challenges. Just 12 - 24 months while employed full-time!

  • 100% online and no exams
  • No General Education Requirements
  • Industry-applied, project-based learning
  • MBA entry, no Bachelor's required

Profit, Inc.

Take this quick 1-minute assessment to measure your profitability, financial health - and the impact of easy improvement initiatives over time. The free Pi.Q Estimate Assessment tracks 5 different indicators and benchmarks your company’s profitability on a national scale - for any company in any industry!

Based on historical benchmarking data, the free Pi.Q Estimate Assessment offers you a quick estimate of the percentage of your customers that are likely to be unprofitable, and the lost business value those unprofitable customers cause.

Estimate Your Lost Business Value in 1-Minute!

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