Roundtable Events

Breakthrough Power Hour Roundtable

Shatter hidden limits for unstoppable growth

4th Monday of every month
2:00 pm PT / 4:00 pm CT / 5:00 pm ET

Do you feel like you're working hard in your business but not seeing the full progress, results, or impact you desire? Are you stuck in a cycle of frustration, wondering why your efforts aren't translating into the success you envision? If this sounds familiar, it's time to break through the hidden barriers holding you back and unleash your business's true potential.

Introducing the "Breakthrough Power Hour," a transformative roundtable designed specifically for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are ready to shatter limitations, overcome obstacles, and achieve exponential success. The “Breakthrough Power Hour” is not just another business seminar; it's a highly immersive, transformative experience that includes hot seat opportunities, helping you identify and overcome the root causes of stagnation, empowering you to experience a quantum leap in your business success.

Refer and Recommend Exchange

LeadHERship Global + She's the Boss

Wednesday 5:00 pm CT USA / Thursday 10:00 am AEDT Australia

At our “Refer and Recommend” exchange, members ask for what they need and offer what they have to give. In a confidential, safe environment, you can describe the biggest pain point you’re facing, and where you need help from other LeadHERship Global members around the globe. All the generosity of the LeadHERship Global community is at your fingertips!  Join us!

Business Owners' Roundtable

From Cutting-Edge Strategies to Practical Applications

Occurs the third Monday of every month
2:00 pm PT / 4:00 pm CT / 5:00 pm ET

Amanda Bar
Advanced Tax, Exit, and Value-Growth Strategist
RTB Capital Group

Join us on a purpose-driven journey where we delve into actionable insights, provide tangible tools, and guide you step-by-step to raise the bar for your business to new heights. Let's turn beliefs into actions that produce results in alignment with your goals and objectives.

Revenue Revolution Roundtable

Profitable Marketing Strategies for Growth

Occurs the first Thursday of every month
9:00 am PT / 11:00 am CT / 12:00 pm ET

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business, Increase Your Revenue, and Scale Your Impact?

Join this transformative experience at the "Revenue Revolution Roundtable," where we delve into the secrets of scaling your business, unraveling the complexities of marketing, and arming you with strategies for tangible business success.

This roundtable is designed for coaches, consultants, online course creators, and online entrepreneurs who are ready to break through their revenue ceilings and embark on a journey of sustained business growth.

Ask The Experts

Occurs the third Thursday of every month
8:00 am PT / 10:00 am CT / 11:00 am ET

Gain knowledge about topics directly from experts, ask questions, and learn from others’ wisdom, knowledge and expertise in our “Ask the Experts Roundtable!” Join us as we delve into timely topics intended to grow your leadership, expand your influence, and ignite your potential by providing practical information and guidance from experts.

This roundtable is designed for women business leaders who are interested in educating themselves to work efficiently and effectively for better business growth!

LeadHERship Global Council

Linda Fisk

Occurs the first Thursday of every month
9:00 am PT / 11:00 am CT / 12:00 pm ET

The LeadHERship Global Council is designed to address the most pressing concerns of members by providing valuable insights and expert guidance from trusted peers and expert speakers. In an atmosphere of trust, support and encouragement, Council members can raise the most challenging issues, ask the toughest questions, and in return, the experts offer valuable expertise, resources, connections and unbiased guidance to accelerate the success of members. The monthly Council meetings allow members to receive priceless insight about how to solve the hard problems, what to do with big opportunities, and how to accelerate their success.

This Council is uniquely designed to accelerate the growth and scale of your business. You will have the opportunity to meet with the LeadHERship Global Council for 90-minutes, to collaborate together, challenge each other, stress-test ideas and refine your strategy - in a trusting and confidential environment. This will be a transformational experience providing the kind of valuable insight that you need to grow and scale your business, and accelerate your success!

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