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LeadHERship Global is designed to become the most impactful community of extraordinary women in the world, by unleashing the full potential of high-performing and growth-oriented leaders in a confidential, supportive and private community.

We are the only organization embracing the passion of high-performing women to positively impact their lives and accelerating their success by integrating self-directed learning, impactful group experiences and expert-led coaching and mentoring.

Harness the knowledge, influence and trust of high-performing women to stimulate idea exchange, support your creativity, access critical resources and tools and accelerate your personal and professional growth.

“LeadHERship Global features tools and resources to help women advance their ambitions in life and in their goals in business.” We’re all about leadership, personal success, advancement and work/life alignment.”

Rachel Davies

Grow Your Leadership

Discover exciting new opportunities that will prepare you to respond to the myriad of challenges and opportunities throughout your career, while broadening your sphere of influence and growing your leadership.

“We inspire you to overcome self-doubt so you can follow your true calling, earn the money you deserve, create more time for fun on your journey, and develop meaningful relationships.”

Christina Alford

Expand Your Influence

Refine your purpose and your unique personal brand, becoming conscious of how your actions can positively influence others.  Create the impact you wish to have and achieve the outcomes you’re aiming for. Raise your level of visibility and expand your thought-leadership through our myriad of national platforms and influential connections. 

“I’m a firm believer that through exposure to exceptional people, we're better able to connect to ourselves. So, let's be purposeful in where we spend our time and put our efforts. Your greatest challenges, too, may facilitate your greatest joys.”

Linda Fisk, CEO

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Help empower high-performing women to achieve career success and financial security. Legacy is not bound by age or time served, but rather, it represents your body of work at each stage of your career as you establish the foundational building blocks and accumulate the required wisdom to contribute to growth, innovation and opportunity both in and outside of the workplace.  Your legacy grows with each new experience, with each previously untested idea and bold ideal that you are courageous enough to deploy, and each time you inspire others to see something through to fruition. 

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We help members accelerate their success by defining their vision, growing their leadership, expanding their influence and leaving a lasting legacy.  It’s up to you to take the first step.

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