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Do you have the support, guidance, connections and resources of other high-performing and growth-oriented leaders in a confidential, supportive and private community? No one grows as a leader, to become truly significant, without the support from others
Get to know a few of our members, and listen to their experiences, in their own words.  We look forward to introducing you to this trusting community of influential, recognizable, and highly-connected business leaders!

Bridget Cook-Burch

Founder and CEO
Your Inspired Story

“LeadHERship Global is the best place to have open and honest conversations to get ideas and advice from the best of the best in different industries.”

Theresa Haenn

Nonprofit Advocate
Aurora Philanthropic Consulting

“Biggest benefit of LeadHERship Global is the connections with the other women are stellar.”

Karen Bulluck

CEO and Founder
Transcendent Leadership

“The biggest impact LeadHERship Global has had on me is being part of a community that is so caring and so supportive.”

Brigitte Bojkowszky, Ph.D.

Global Branding Strategist

"It was a no-brainer for me to become a member. I get to connect with so many courageous and powerful women."

Deb Krier

Founder and CEO
LinkedIn for C-Suite

"The biggest benefit is the connections. It is such a diverse group of women in a variety of ways, where they live, what industries they work in, and their ages."

Member Testimonial

“Being a LeadHERship Global member feels like a once in a career opportunity to be part of a unique and powerful community that brings together engaging dialogue, best-practice content, coaching, and access to a peer group of business leaders who are generous with their time, their experience and their insights.”

Deb Wheatman

Founder and CEO
Careers Done Write

"Being a part of a confidential global community provides a safe space for women to share their ideas, get feedback, build their network, and grow both personally and professionally."

Coni Meyers

Founder and CEO
CKM Solutions Group

"Having the opportunity to be able to stretch beyond whatever your industry is, is extremely beneficial not just for business growth, but for your personal growth as well."

Member Testimonial

“When you join LeadHERship Global, you receive advice from seasoned leaders, founders and owners who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. The relationships you make through LeadHERship Global will be invaluable to your ultimate success.”

Kelli Richards

President & Chief Connection Officer
The All Access Group, LLC

"Some of the biggest benefits of being a member of LeadHERship Global are both receiving incredible wisdom from women with a lot of experience and also the opportunity to grow my individual leadership by giving back."

Kendall Bergman

Founder and Partner in Possibilities
The Discovery Well

"Being a member of the LeadHERship Global community has exceeded my expectations since joining in February."

Krista Tan

Premier Talent Partners

"I wanted to form deep and meaningful relationships outside of my normal network. I was looking for unbiased opinions, objective information, and help with business strategy."

Member Testimonial

“LeadHERship Global has fundamentally changed how we serve our clients, manage our teams and structure our business. From the insightful diagnostics to the one-to-one coaching sessions, to the actionable tools and templates that have been provided,  joining LeadHERship Global has empowered us to make quantum leaps in our evolution as a company.”

Kristal Murren

Founder and CEO
Bossy Girl Leadership

"If you show up, you will meet somebody that you will be able to build a lifelong connection with if you so choose."

Lisa Levy

Founder and CEO
Lcubed Consulting

"The caliber of women I am meeting and interacting with is unlike any other organization I've been a part of." 

Melissa Reaves

Founder and CEO
Story Fruition

"The biggest benefit that I have seen with LeadHERship Global is the quality of the network that is present."

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