Our Guiding


We are the only organization embracing the passion of high-performing women to positively impact their lives and accelerate their success by integrating self-directed learning, impactful group experiences and expert-led coaching and mentoring.

Authentic Relationships (2)

Cultivate Authentic Relationships

Build enduring relationships. Compassionately support and challenge each other - in service of accelerating our success.

Rise together.

Act with Courage (2)

Act With

Faithfully pursue long-term purpose and impact. Support individual freedom and integrity. Service our mission with integrity

Lean in.

Dedicate yourself (2)


Demonstrate passion and commitment. Take ownership of your thoughts, words and actions.  Be consistent and deliver results.

Create value.

Lifelong learner (2)

Be a Lifetime Learner

Maintain a sense of curious inquiry. Recognize that we are all on a learning journey. Seek to understand and support.

Deepen congruence.

Celebrate each other (2)

Celebrate Each Other

Share, learn and grow in a trusting community.  Lift each other up, encourage and celebrate each other. Share stories and create memories.

Spread the love.

Harness the knowledge, influence and trust of high-performing women to stimulate idea exchange, support your creativity, access critical resources and tools and accelerate your personal and professional growth.

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