Reimagining Leadership: How Female Founders Can Close the Revenue Gap

If you’re confident that you have a healthy pipeline, sales and marketing are synchronized, the team is executing with precision, and hitting/exceeding your revenue goals, then you’re likely off to a very strong start to the quarter. However, if actual results aren’t tracking to expectations, and the potential for a revenue gap between your current state of growth vs. future expectations is already becoming apparent, then it’s likely to put you in a hole in the next quarter. So the next big question is how to determine and agree upon which revenue levers should be pulled in order to close the revenue GAP? What changes to existing strategies, revenue drivers, investments and resource deployments will accelerate top-line revenue enough to close the impending revenue gaps? Where are the leverage points that will move the dial, and how do we validate these critical assumptions? Today, we have the good fortune to speak with Alessia Minkus to discuss an end-to-end revenue system that will help you close the revenue gap! Learn how to identify the highest value you bring to your market, how to raise your profile among your ideal clients and package up your products and services in order to increase the perceived value – and therefore the conversion – in the marketplace.

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