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Today is Your Someday – You Just Need a Plan

Success in life is about following your true passion. It is through joy and pain, through success and struggles, that you find the greatest opportunity to create a clear path to create your destiny by living in your purpose. Today, we have the opportunity to speak to Carey Conley, speaker, author and vision expert, to learn about how the clarity of having a written, powerful vision helps you move forward and fixes just about anything that may be keeping you stuck. Carey will explain how to write your vision in all seven areas of life, how to create a blueprint to achieve those goals, how to overcome roadblocks and how to use a consistent action plan and celebrate the small wins! It’s time to ask yourself: “Why am I here? What do I want to create in this world? And am I dreaming big enough?” Listen in to identify your dreams and goals through vision-building and achieve those goals by discovering your purpose.

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