Your Personal Style is Your Personal Brand: What You Wear Matters

Is your closet making you money or costing you money? Most people have never been taught to dress to connect and attract clients. Get ready to re-invent your look and create a wardrobe that reflects your style, your needs & your personality. If you think you may be lacking the “recipe” for style, you’re in the right place! There is a way to make you feel genuinely confident with your outfit every time you step out the door. Patsy Sanders is the CEO and Founder of Embracing Your Essence and an Image Coach that can help you change your life by transforming your look. She helps women just like you feel comfortable and confident by showing you how to build a wardrobe that will make you smile when you see your reflection. Never knowing what to wear? Feel like you’re lacking a Signature Style? Tired of a cluttered closet filled with things that don’t light you up? You may be hiding in plain sight. Today, join us as we speak with Patsy Sanders, CEO and Founder of Embracing Your Essence and Image Coach, about the simple secrets to look and feel great!

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