Irrational Loyalty: Reimagining Your Brand for the Post-Pandemic world

Eventually, every organization faces a serious branding disaster. Think of United Airlines, Wells Fargo, Uber, and other companies whose tribulations made front-page news. Poor business decisions, corrupt cultures, or just plain bad luck can lead to major PR meltdowns, sending once-loyal consumers fleeing in droves. But there’s a right way to handle controversy and come out stronger on the other side. Using recent high-profile brand implosions as prime examples, Deb Gabor, Founder and CEO of Sol Marketing and two-time best-selling author will talk about how top companies that break their promises inevitably suffer.  And, we’ll explore the routes the more agile companies have taken to full recovery after letting their customers down. Today, you’ll gain invaluable insights that will help your business build positive brand equity, goodwill, and the “Irrational Loyalty” that will support your company during the best and worst of times.  Our guest today, Deb Gabor, a leading expert on branding, will help you create a powerful brand for your business that connects with your most important customers – the ones most highly predictive of your success.

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