20 Effective Habits for Mastery at Work

We are often asked what it means to have “mastery at work” and how to have the greatest positive impact on those we lead.  Although the answer differs according to where the organization is relative to its business cycle and growth strategy, there  are a set of core skills or leadership habits that are pertinent to success.  The key is to take these leadership attributes from conceptual notions to actual behavior-based skills. Today, Cindy Wahler, best-selling author, speaker and certified executive, leadership and business coach, will help you identify which habits or skills you will need to succeed in your career.

Today, we’ll talk to Cindy about how to overcome negativity and learn fresh skill sets to improve the quality of your work. You’ll discover the secret behind why habits are significant to become more successful by reaching your goals and vision more effectively. These actionable habits for success will help you raise your effective leadership and management skills to the next level.

In Cindy’s exciting new book “20 Effective Habits for Mastery at Work” you can discover how to do deep work with joy, like it’s second nature, whether from home or the office.   You’ll discover an in-depth analysis of the traits that set people and organizations apart from their competition!

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