Devoted to Purpose: Supporting Purpose-Driven Brands

For many nonprofits, the past couple years have been uniquely challenging. And, the lessons of the last couple years are definitely influencing the plans of every nonprofit in the future. From fundraising to operations, everything is changing, – while the need to “do good” remains as crucial as ever. Today, we’re going to talk about the trends in the nonprofit world, that your organization should keep in mind when you’re trying to create your fundraising strategy. As your nonprofit develops new ways to fundraise, remember that fundraising trends change from year to year. For instance, did you know that non-profits can create NFTs to fund their charitable programs? Imagine if you could “create money” for your philanthropic missions! Creating money is an essential principle of the crypto market. And it opens a doorway for non-profits to fulfill their charitable model by creating NFTs (non-fungible tokens) specifically designed to raise capital for their particular philanthropic causes. And, the NFT market is global. It provides access to a limitless supply of charitable funding sources by creating and selling non-fungible tokens for cash. Non-profits desperately need money to fulfill their charitable mission, and creating NFTs could be a powerful solution to raise capital! Today, we’ll talk with Dr. Lydie Louis – a professor, advisor to executives and entrepreneurs, intellectual property master, investor, author, speaker, philanthropist, Wall Street lawyer, and a U.N. trainer about new ways to fundraise!

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