Uncomfortably Comfortable Conversations to Get A Seat at the Table

We are all entitled to live in a world that is conducive to us. We are all entitled to be treated equally no matter our differences. In order for all to be seen and treated as equals regardless of our race, gender, sexual preferences, religion, etc., we must become the change we want to see in the world. Society cannot and will not change until we choose to change individually. We can continue to educate and have conversations pertaining to DE& – but, without action we are only educated and merely going through the motions of change while remaining the same. We are simple talking the talk without walking the walk. Transformation begins with the willingness to change, then and only then can we begin the process of having comfortable uncomfortable conversations, and challenging ourselves to take the first steps towards change and restoration. When we are transformed from the inside out our words and actions will line up in taking the necessary steps needed to ensure equal treatment for all. Until all of us are free none of us is free. Are you willing to take a seat at the table to be a part of these uncomfortable comfortable conversations that will over time become comfortable, and be the catalyst for change for equality for all in today’s society?

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