Business Owners' Roundtable

From Cutting-Edge Strategies to Practical Applications

Structure for Sessions

  • Speak/Teach with Questions (30 mins)
  • Breakout Rooms (5 Mins)
  • Open Share (10 Mins)
  • Recap with Action Steps and Call to Action (5 Mins)
  • Poll & Answer Questions (10 Mins)

2024 Topic Schedule


Hidden Gold Mines: Identify and Understand Your Current Value

  • Business Baseline: Explore how your business is operating objectively.
  • Value: Understand potential value, risks, and growth opportunities.
  • Value Drivers: Identify the value drivers and how they apply to your business


Fortify Your Fortress: Risk-Proof Your Business

  • Spotting trouble before it starts: Proactive risk management.
  • Shields Up: Safeguarding your business against threats.
  • Transferring Risk: Turning policies into powerful risk management tools.


Innovation: Charting Paths for Value Growth

  • Stand Out of Crowd: Basics fueling growth with innovation.
  • Scale Smart: Building processes that grow with your business.
  • Power Alliances: Creating partnerships that supercharge your value.


Profit Harvest: Strategies for Maximizing Your Business Exit

  • Smooth Operator: How to make your business turn-key for your next generation.
  • Maximize Returns: Set your business up for a successful exit when you choose.
  • Beyond Market Timing: How to know when is best to exit your business.


Value Commander: Leading Your Business to Greater Heights

  • Owner Centricity: How to hand off the baton and empower your team for growth.
  • Operational Excellence: Mastering day-to-day value enhancement.
  • Metrics Magic: Key performance indicators for managing business value.


Value Maximized: Pricing, Retaining, and Engaging for Success

  • Pricing Power: Strategies for pricing that enhance value and profit.
  • Customer Liftoff: Maximizing customer lifetime value with stickiness.
  • Employee Enchantment: Boosting business value through engaged teams.


Bridging the Gaps: Wealth, Profit, and Value Alignment

  • Wealth Mastery: Balancing personal wealth with business success, is it enough?
  • Profit Surge: Tactics for increasing margins without sacrifice.
  • Closing the Value Gap: Harmonizing value growth throughout your business.


Strategic Tax Mastery: Crafting Plans for Navigating the Jungle of Financial Success

  • Tax Strategies: Explore tax strategies, deductions, and how to qualify.
  • Tax Strategies Unveiled: Evaluate the pros and cons of tax strategies to empower your decisions - pay it, spend it, or save it.
  • Tax Alchemy: Timeline and intricacies of purposeful tax planning vs tax filing with a seasoned network of specialists.


Money Matters: Mastering Budgeting and Cash Flow for Business Zen

  • Budgeting: Crafting budgets that propel business growth.
  • Cash Flow Mastery: Strategies for proactive and accurate cash flow management.
  • Financial Fitness: Key indicators for a healthy and thriving business.


Legal Armor: Defending Your Business Empire

  • Contract Mastery: Mitigating risks through powerful contract management.
  • IP Protection: Safeguarding your business's intellectual treasures.
  • Regulatory Navigation: Steering clear of legal pitfalls in complex landscapes.
    (Guest Speaker)


Legacy Builders: Succession and Transition Mastery

  • Successor Superstars: Strategies for identifying and grooming successors.
  • Transition Triumph: Executing seamless leadership handovers.
  • Family Dynasty: Overcoming unique challenges in family-owned businesses.


Exit Ready: Preparing Your Business for a Lucrative Farewell

  • Exit Readiness: Assessing your business's readiness for an exit.
  • Buyer Magnetism: Attracting the perfect buyer for your business.
  • Legacy Beyond: Ensuring your business legacy endures, and you're ready for your third act.

Your Facilitator


Amanda Bar

Advanced Tax, Exit, and Value-Growth Strategist

Amanda Bar is an accomplished Advanced Tax, Exit, and Value-Growth Strategist, bringing over 15 years of diverse industry experience. Her distinctive approach seamlessly blends strategic planning with guided implementation.

With a mission to empower small business owners, Amanda provides invaluable access to tax savings, adaptable exit strategies, and seamless value growth. Having witnessed the consequences of neglecting fundamental business principles, Amanda is dedicated to 'Raising the Bar.' She dismantles the siloed advisory approach by fostering collaboration with a Network of Specialists.

Amanda's proactive planning and guided implementation process saves valuable time and resources and serves as a safeguard for your business, fostering sustainable growth both now and into the future.

Amanda Bar, EA, CEPA
Advanced Tax, Exit, and Value-Growth Strategist
RTB Capital Group

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