Business Owners' Roundtable

2023 Topic Schedule


EARNING YOUR WORTH: Transforming Your Relationship With Hitting Your Monthly Target Consistently

Learn how to stop focusing what you need to DO to meet your monthly financial targets to who you need to be BEING to meet your financial monthly targets – learn how to earn your worth!


TIME FREEDOM: Accountability Management Versus Time Management

Learn how to transcend your current relationship with time management, the number #1 complaint for many leaders regardless how much training they have had in this arena – This is a must attend event if you are interested in experiencing more time freedom in 2023!



Learn how to stop doing Leadership and start learning the art of being Leadership to achieve more by doing less. Working smart not hard. Access the free resource: 50 Comparative Examples Audit of being Leadership versus doing Leadership to achieve stratospheric results.


COMMITMENT=RESULTS: Move From WANTING To Achieve Your Objectives To Being COMMITTED To Achieving Your Objectives

Learn about the vast difference between wanting to change versus being committed to change. Most are playing on the court called want expecting results from the court called committed, wondering why the results remain elusive. Until you live on the court called committed you will always experience inconsistency.


EQUANIMOUS LEADERSHIP: How To Leverage The Equanimous Realm At Will

Learn how to live and lead an equanimous life where nothing externally can impact your state. Meaning of Equanimity: A state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind


EXTRAORDINARY RELATIONSHIPS: What’s The Point Of Being In A Relationship Unless It Is EXTRAORDINARY?

Learn the art of experiencing EXTRAORDINARY in all of the important relationships in your life, both personally and professionally. There are only ever 3-5 causal dynamics impacting any relationship. Learn how to STOP focusing on the symptoms and start focusing on the causal dynamics impacting your ability to TRULY connect.


CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: How To Shift Who Someone Else Is BEING As A Function Of Who You Are BEING!

Learn how to resolve ANY conflict you experience regardless of how long it has been running by learning how to elevate your communication skills. Imagine renewed vibrancy in your relations with your boss, your work colleagues, your peers, your significant other, your children, your extended family…


UNRECOGNISABLE TRANSFORMATION: Most Never Experience Transformation To The Degree They Desire, Imagine Transforming To An Unrecognizable Degree!

Learn the 6 guaranteed strategies to access and experience UNRECOGNISABLE TRANSFORMATION real-time, has to be seen to be believed!


STATE MANAGEMENT: Imagine Being Able To Detrigger Within A Milli-second AND Shifting ANY Disempowered State/ANY Inner Critic Conversation Real-time

Learn how to silence your inner critic for good, how to shift from any disempowered state, or any triggered situation by using tools that are tried and proven than provide freedom from ANYTHING of a dysfunctional/disempowered nature. If you are ready to live a DRAMA-FREE life where you STOP hurting permanently this is the forum for you



Learn how to forgive in a way that releases you from any trauma from the past for good! Imagine a life where your past no longer impacts your future! Regardless of how much therapy you have had, how much counselling you have had, how much self analysis you have done, this forum will be a game changer for those who wish to leave the past in the past in a way they NEVER have!


CO-CREATIVE LEADERSHIP: Who You Are In Your Human Form Is Limited Versus Who You Are In Your Co-Creative Form Is Limitless

Learn how to become unconsciously competent in your ability to access the co-creative realm. We will deep dive into your relationship with your faith, whatever that is for you. How to leverage it, how to walk it versus talk it and how to have it be a leading strategy in your life and business in 2023!


PLAYING WIMBLEDON: How To Achieve Stratospheric Results!

Learn how to embrace confrontation, resistance and uncomfortability as your key ‘access points’ to playing a higher leveraged game. To experience the unfathomable one needs to transcend the familiar

Your Facilitator


Sally Anderson

World Class Coach Intuitive

To achieve previously unattainable and unsustainable results, you must work with someone that has done the unexpected, survived the unfathomable, and who dares to go to places other coaches won’t go to get results other coaches won’t get. That person is Sally Anderson. Sally is the world’s only documented visionary at the forefront of Sustainable, Human & Organizational Transformation. With 3 decades in the leadership trenches, Sally’s life experiences and research have laid the foundation of her world-class modality known as co-creative/equanimous leadership.

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