Rise Bootcamp (2)

Rise Bootcamp

4-Week, 90-Minute Rise Bootcamp
Kicking off Monday, February 20th

Strong leaders, real difference makers, and people who leave their mark on the world of business have one thing in common: they are lifetime learners that inspire success. Great leaders find innovative ways to unite and engage people and drive success.

Learn from executive leadership coach, Dr. Suzanne Castle, and other women in leadership as they share their own experiences, offer their expertise - and cheer, council and support you to greater levels of success and impact!

This is a $2,000 value for everyone!

This 4-week interactive experience  will guide you through meeting your authentic self, getting past harmful habits, and pushing the reset button on your business (and ultimately, your life). By taking a quick pause to re-assess  a few things, re-anchor to consistent habits and tackle some of roadblocks you can finally start to love being your own boss again!

Over 4 weeks, join our Rise Bootcamp with Dr. Suzanne Castle. Inside this interactive, guided experience, you will amass a toolbox of resources and practices to create a roadmap for 2023 that leads to more fulfillment in your business – and life.

So tell me: Are you ready to rise?

Launches on Monday, February 20th
Every Monday for 4-Weeks
90-Minutes Each Monday
8:00 am PT / 10:00 am CT / 11:00 am ET

What does it take to get to the next level in your business? 

Join the 2023 RISE BOOTCAMP February 20-March 13th where Dr. Suzanne Castle will facilitate an interactive experience to teach you how to tackle the roadblocks that are holding you back and help you create a customized roadmap for your 2023 success!

4-week Interactive Experience
Learning and Live Coaching
Valued at over $2000 

This is a small group, coached experience valued at over $2000 with Dr. Suzanne Castle.

  • Get past self-defeating habits – even if you’ve never been able to get past them before.
  • Make a commitment to changing what isn’t working for you – and this time, finding what really does.
  • Determine what’s toxic in your business, your relationships and your own mindset – and what you need to ditch, delegate or simply look at differently.
  • Gain more emotional energy to deal with everything in business and life - and physical energy if you want it, too!
  • Do more with your business – while simultaneously taking more time for yourself.
  • Experience gratitude, joy and fulfillment from your business – even if you right now you can’t think of a single reason inside your work. 

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Itinerary for the Rise Bootcamp

WEEK ONE:  February 20th

Ditch Everything (and Everyone) That Brings You Down

How much time are you spending on tasks (and people) that don't feed your soul and bring you happiness? I get it: We all have that one friend who stresses us out, or that one client who pushes all the wrong buttons. Add to that the chores we dread, and it's a recipe for unhappiness, frustration and a serious lack of motivation. But it doesn’t have to be!


WEEK 2: February 27th

Count Your Blessings

Week 2 provides practical actions you can take to make an attitude of gratitude your default, so you can more easily acknowledge the good in your life every day (even the crazy days!).



Be Enthusiastically Authentic

Nothing is more draining than trying to be something you're not and leads to burnout. Week 3 will focus on sustainable self care for even the busiest of boss babes.



Build a Business You Can Love

Here’s the truth: Over time, if you're not diligent, you may find that your business and your role has morphed into something you never envisioned. In this module, we’re going to identify what you need to do differently in order to love your boss self and role again. It IS possible–and this experience will show you how!


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