Leading From a Position of Strength: The Gifts of Failure

Great leadership flows from a healed heart. The best thing you can do for those you lead is to prioritize personal healing from past failures and traumatic experiences. Workplaces need to become places where we not only grow and develop—they also need to be places where we can heal and repair what has been hurt. The world says good leadership is full of power and control. Ability and strength. Capability. But almost everyone needs connection to others, and the opportunity to give and get support. For those leaders who struggle with the past and long for healing, there is hope! Today, Dr. Cheryl Lentz will talk about the gifts of failure and how to lead from a position of strength. So, how can you begin the journey of healing and deepen your own emotional reservoir? How can you lead authentically and with compassion when you haven’t focused on your own healing? Listen in as Dr. Cheryl Lentz talks about how to embrace failure and heal yourself in order to lead others in a healthy, balanced, and authentic way!

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