The Power of Collaboration

True collaboration is about moving to a relationship that involves co-creation, shared risks and responsibilities, interdependency and organizational transformation. True collaboration is about identifying shared value and leveraging the combined strengths of each partner to achieve a level of impact that cannot be accomplished independently. Today, we’re speaking with Dr. Lois Sonstegard, CEO of Build2morrow, about how to collaborate by building a diverse group of partners and leaders. We’re going to explore the proven strategies to move your company forward, and designed specifically for success during times of economic and market disruption. Today, you’ll learn how to build collaborative ecosystems that allow you to create bulletproof resilience that will allow you to thrive and grow in any economic environment. Step into the power of partnerships, creating a solid foundation for families, businesses, communities, and the world. Partnerships founded on trust and respect foster an explosion of creativity and a multiplier effect – and can transform your life! Listen in!

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