Breakthrough with Confidence – From Perfectionism to Peak Performance

Do you push yourself to be the best? Do you get upset with yourself when you’re anything less than perfect? While we all strive towards excellence, some individuals have great difficulty accepting being less than number one. Many athletes and performers can develop perfectionism. To these individuals, obtaining anything less than perfect or even an average performance is considered a failure or not good enough.

Perfectionism is not the healthy pursuit of excellence, as most people tend to believe, but rather it is the compulsive striving toward unrealistic goals. Setting high personal standards and goals, and working hard to attain them is appropriate;  but, perfectionists set excessively unrealistic goals and strive compulsively to achieve them, punishing themselves for mistakes and lowering their self-confidence because they can’t reach these impossibly high goals. When leaders seek perfection, they place a high degree of pressure on themselves that increases their anxiety, which almost certainly affects their overall performance.

The good news is there is a way back to joy and satisfaction. It is absolutely possible to shift from perfectionism to the healthy pursuit of excellence.

Today, Pattie Grimm, author, speaker, trainer, and podcast guest, will help us learn how to tame anxiety and the negative thoughts and move from perfectionism to high performance!

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