How to Bring Happiness to the Table: From the Boardroom to the Dining Room

Listen in today as Jacqueline Way, Founder of 365Give, and dedicated world changer, explains how to make happiness your top priority – from the Boardroom Table and your dining room table – and create a truly successful and rewarding life. Learn how our brains and body work when we make happiness a top priority and how that helps to increase productivity, creativity, and life longevity.

One of the most underrated life achievements is happiness. We strive for what is perceived as “success” both personally and professionally, but just focusing on some elusive ideal of what success is, can lead to burnout, stress and illness. We often sacrifice out own well-being and mental health to achieve some level of perceived success.

Today, you are invited to listen in to learn the importance of how to build happiness and well-being in your life, and how to bring it to your business, your employees, and your family. Jacqueline will explain how the simple act of making happiness a priority will impact your business financially and how it will carry through to your lives at home to help your children.

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