Accelerating Your Financial Success, as a Woman!

Women have overcome daunting generational barriers to financial independence. Yet, most women don’t feel comfortable talking about money – and they are far behind men when it comes to building wealth. Wealth is not just measured by the money you earn, inherit or save – wealth is measured by how you manage it. With the lion’s share of $30 trillion in financial assets expected to be controlled by women by 2030, it’s time to learn how to master wealth, as a woman. If we aren’t talking about money, we’re not learning about money! It’s time for women to be financially fearless! Join us on the LeadHERship Global Podcast today for a power-packed conversation with Dr. Barbara Provost, Founder of Purse Strings LLC about financial strategies, tools, products, and practical takeaways for building a healthy financial foundation and generational wealth that is aligned with your goals and values! Dr. Barbara Provost, Founder of Purse Strings LLC, was tired of seeing women consistently overlooked by financial organizations. Through Purse Strings LLC, women can come to any financial discussion or negotiation with confidence and competence, offering a one-stop for information, insights, resources, and networks. Listen in!

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