Using Adversity as a Catalyst for Personal Growth

Adversity is something that we’re guaranteed to encounter periodically; and there’s no getting around that. We’re all prone to encountering various challenges, stresses, and frustrations; and we shouldn’t pretend this isn’t the case – because what’s most important is how we react when we encounter these situations.

In the face of hardship, some people manage to find deeper meaning and purpose. Since ancient times, literature, religion, and philosophy have shown how adversity can help us grow and lead deeper and more meaningful lives. Struggling through times of trial and adversity can push us to grow in ways that ultimately make us wiser and our lives more fulfilling.

The four pillars of meaning — belonging, purpose, storytelling, and transcendence — can help you recover from adversity and trauma. Listen in as CJ Grace, Former BBC journalist, public speaker and 2x best-selling author helps you turn adversity into a catalyst for breakthrough personal growth!

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