Negotiate with Success: How to Get What You Want, When You Want it

Negotiations can be one of the most challenging aspects of leadership, no matter what the nature of the discussion. The art of negotiation, and learning how to stand your ground, can create a broader path on the road to financial and professional success. No matter what you’re discussing, mastering the practical and powerful techniques can help you navigate smoothly –  through even the toughest negotiations.

Regardless of where you are in your negotiation journey from novice to seasoned pro, today’s guest, Corine Wofford, offers leadership and negotiation secrets empowering you to save money, expand sales and leave a legacy of influence and impact. Corine will share a lot of great stories, research findings and her extensive experience negotiating over the past 3 decades.

Whether you are negotiating your own compensation package, an employee’s salary, or negotiating your next big business deal, understanding your negotiation strategy is vital to managing your emotions and getting the results you want. Join us to learn how to uncover your negotiation mindset and shift sabotaging beliefs so you can stop leaving money on the table – no matter what side you are on!

Listen in to learn how you strengthen relationships in all aspects of your life – confidently creating wins all around in your business and life – negotiate with success and achieve your goals in your authentic leadership style!

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