The Secrets of Transformational Leadership

Guest: Dhomonique Murphy

Transformational leaders enhance the morale and motivation of those around them and create a sense of solidarity and the collective good.  Transformational leadership increases organizational performance and positively impacts innovation, the heart of success and growth within an organization. And, importantly, transformational leaders tend to lead with inspiration as opposed to authority.  But, beyond having high self-esteem, believing that you are a significant, worthy and capable member of a team or organization, what are the other keys to becoming a transformational leader?  What other attributes and characteristics do the best transformational leaders have in common?  To help us better understand the “Secrets to Transformational Leadership” we’ve excited to have Dhomonique Murphy with us, who has convinced 17 of the most highly sought-after motivation and business leaders in the nation not only to grant her an interview, but to grant her an interview inside their own homes.

Guest:  Dhomonique Murphy, President, The Right Method l 3x Emmy Award Winner l Mrs. Virginia American 2020 l Founder: Readers2Leaders Non-Profit l Author l Professional Speaker l Video Content Creator

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