Listen Up! Learn how to listen to the one source of your prosperity, profits, and productivity.

There’s one voice that matters more than any other: the voice of the customer. Your customers are the number one source of your organization’s prosperity, profits, and productivity. Karen Mangia, Vice President of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce will explain how to access the number one source of your company’s growth: your customers. Learn how to create a customer experience that’s built on listening, and designed for engagement. Learn how best-of-breed companies listen and respond to customer demands—creating a foundation of customer success, loyalty, and brand evolution. Listen in as Karen discusses powerful personal stories and unflinching corporate examples of companies that arent’ afraid to push the envelope, when it comes to customer loyalty, service and success. The actionable insights that you’ll hear today will help you to better connect with your customers and gain an undeniable lead over your competition. We’ll explore how powerful new questions can offer a fresh perspective into any customer, anywhere, and those perspectives can empower your customer-facing teams, including sales teams. Karen will tell you how to win greater mindshare, and market share, with a fresh look at the future of customer service, customer success, and customer satisfaction.

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