Wealth Mastery for Women

2022 Topic Schedule


Life Insurance & Long Term Care

How to protect yourself and create an Action Plan for caretaking of yourself/spouse/older parents in a manageable way; How to put some of your money to work in Non-Correlated Assets (outside of the Stock Market) and still earn tax-leveraged growth on capital; How business owners in particular benefit from insurance designs through Key Person planning.



It’s not what you think it is! Learn how to use it Strategically to Enhance Returns and Reduce Risk… especially in today’s economic circumstances.


Debt and Strategic Use of Debt

Not all debt is created equal. Change your paradigm to choose where and how to leverage debt for strategic benefit.


Real Estate Investment Opportunities

This is your third pillar of wealth, so we’ll discuss it all - commercial, personal, long-term, short-term, vacation and crowdfunded.


Budgeting and Buckets

Where the rubber meets the road in our financial empowerment. Learn how to set yourself up for financial strength while never feeling scarce and still enjoying discretionary spending.


HELOCS, Refis and Mortgage/Lending Brokers

How to use these valuable tools strategically to leverage for wealth.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

How, When, Where and Why to join the Future Economic Bandwagon



What are Non-Fungible Tokens? How and why would you invest in them? And how to use them for your brand or business.


Your Banking Relationship

How to Raise the Bar. Dramatically Change What You Receive and How you Get Treated. Think Ahead, Get Better Service, Better Deals, and Better Support with your Banking Power



Stock Picking, Stock Rotation, ETFs, Tips for Success and Empowerment. Don’t be afraid of equities! This is your second pillar of wealth


The Macroeconomics of 2022 and 2023

Alook at the macroeconomic factors that have shaped 2022 and will be influential in 2023. Inflation, interest rates, housing and more. Empower your financial decisions with the data that matters.


What About Financial Advisors?

Who Should be On Your Team; Budgeting & Cash Flow tools/resources; What a Financial Advisor can do (hint, it varies!); Assembling your team of ‘surgical specialists’ who work well across silos.

Your Facilitators

AdaPia - 2

AdaPia d’Errico

Co-Founder, Womxn of Wealth
Principal and VP of Strategy Alpha Investing

AdaPia oversees Alpha Investing’s growth strategy with an emphasis on investor growth and relations.  Founded in 2014, Alpha Investing is a real estate private equity firm that offers workforce multifamily, single-family rental, senior housing, and affordable housing opportunities nationwide with a portfolio of over $1.7BN in property value.


Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs

Co-Founder, Womxn of Wealth
President of Quantum Insurance Services

Quantum was formed with a simple premise - provide intelligent, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for clients. Jennifer and her team pair insightful guidance with exceptional customer service and modern tech-forward platforms. Quantum is a full-service firm specializing in Employee Benefits for companies of all sizes, Life, Disability and Long Term Care insurance, and Property and Casualty protection.

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