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2023 Topic Schedule


Our Relationship With Wealth and Worth

Though we say we ‘want’ more money or bigger financial outcomes, we are plagued by unconscious factors that inhibit us from achieving our material goals. Start the year off by understanding how to build a lasting relationship with money, wealth, and prosperity that will support you in 2023 and beyond.


Tax Strategies for Wealth Preservation

Understanding the many mechanisms in the tax code available to entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and even salaried employees can make a huge difference in our ability to build and preserve wealth. Learn the many ways that you can use the tax code to make the most of your hard-earned dollars and keep even more of those dollars in your pocket, working for you.


Long Term Care Planning

When is the right time to think about long-term care? Right now! With our life spans getting longer, and health care getting more expensive, one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to plan for long term care, today.


Tools To Quantify Financial Freedom

Do you know your financial freedom number or your net worth goals? Do you have a personal financial statement? Financial freedom is a design that begins with using these tools to calculate what you need for the life you want to live, your inflows and outflows now and in the future, and setting up a plan of action to achieve your goals.


Investment Metrics & Measures

It’s important to know how to evaluate an investment but most people don’t know how. Instead, they look at historical returns, but the past cannot predict future results! There is a better way. Learn the important metrics and measurements that should form the basis of any investment decision - whether you are a fund manager or an individual investor.


Private Equity Investing

The investment firms of the wealthiest people invest at least 25% in private equity. Why is this type of investment a cornerstone of their portfolios? How can you also participate in this asset class? Learn how to evaluate and add cash flowing businesses to your portfolio.


Real Estate Investing

Investing in properties is a foundational element of a properly diversified portfolio. Thanks to modern technology and modernized regulatory frameworks, more people are now able to access real estate investments that were previously reserved for those ‘in the know’. Build your portfolio and your knowledge in this session where we’ll cover the wide world of real estate investing.


Angel & Venture Investing

The next big company - and lucrative exit - may be right around the corner. We all want to be part of a meaningful and groundbreaking new venture, and there is no shortage of founders vying for unicorn status and market share. It’s possible to achieve exceptional returns with angel and venture investing once you know what to look for and how to evaluate angel and VC investments, founders and funds.


Bitcoin, Crypto & CBDCs

Cryptocurrency is a transformational technology that is changing finance. As a burgeoning sector, it is prone to volatility and uncertainty, much like the Internet in 1990’s. Financial firms and markets as well as governments are adopting forms of cryptocurrency, cementing crypto as far more than a fad. Whether or not you put your fiat into anything crypto-related, be in the know and be informed rather than fearful.


Risk Management Strategies

What is risk management and how do you work it into your financial plan? While we often focus on solely investment gains and returns in vehicles like the stock market, real estate investing, or even private equity and venture capital, risk management is vital to wealth management and preservation. Learn how to build a strong financial foundation using risk management products and strategies to diversify your portfolio, protect your downside, and come from a position of strength in all that you do.


Retirement Accounts and Planning

Just because retirement is happening ‘later’, doesn’t mean your retirement options should fall into a set it and forget it bucket! Proactively setting yourself up now for retirement in 15, 20 or perhaps fewer years can mean the difference between a comfortable life or one fraught with more concern. Learn about the usual suspects like 401Ks, IRAs and Roths, as well as other retirement planning vehicles that will have a huge impact on your long-term financial goals.


The Macroeconomics of 2023 and 2024

A look at the macroeconomic factors that have shaped 2023 and what macro trends and elements will be influential in 2024. How are inflation, interest rates, housing, employment and economic growth affecting your business and financial decisions? Learn how to empower yourself with the data that matters.

Your Facilitators


AdaPia d’Errico

Co-Founder, Womxn of Wealth
Principal and VP of Strategy Alpha Investing

AdaPia d'Errico knew from a young age that financial independence was the means to control her own destiny. Despite believing she wasn't good at math, she started working in a bank at the age of 18 and completed business and economics degrees with a specialization in personal finance. As a connected investor with visionary insights and access to exclusive opportunities, AdaPia has made it her life’s work to facilitate the transformation that women go through when they step into the power of wealth.


Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs

Co-Founder, Womxn of Wealth
President of Quantum Insurance Services

Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs graduated Summa Cum Laude in the top 10% of her class at Princeton University. Determined to use her math and people skills for the power of good, she entered the financial world and developed a mastery of risk management products while supporting top business management firms in the entertainment industry. She then launched Quantum Insurance Services, an award-winning, national, commissions-agnostic insurance consulting firm serving clients all throughout the US since 2013. Jennifer believes money is a magnifier; used wisely, it amplifies power and joy.

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