The Courage to Face Adversity is the Backbone to Success

By: Prema Chuttoo, leading edge female entrepreneur passionate about advocacy for women in the IT sector globally.

Born in a very modest family in Mauritius, my father was quite strict in the late 70’s, but he nevertheless loved his kids. My father did not believe in educating girls, and I started handling the house chores and cooking at the age of 5. However, his responsibility did not stop me to study.

In school, I was a very intelligent girl, succeeding with flying colours at primary and secondary level, not to mention that I gave tuition to my neighbour friends at the very early age of 10. When the time to get my tertiary education came, father was so not keen to pay for my studies. I did not lose hope and searched a way to obtain tertiary education via a scholarship, which was advertised in a local newspaper. With that diploma in hand, I started working at the age of 20. I helped my father to buy a car, pampered a lot my siblings and started investment schemes.

Alas, my father passed away very suddenly when I was 24 and my sister was very young. I was in my initial stage of my career and mother was clueless about how to live her life without father. I had to sustain us with the very little salary I earned at that point in my career. This situation gave me a reason to fly to other continent, Europe, to try my luck to earn more and get a better job. London proved to be very lucky for me as an employer decided to sponsor my work permit there – and I became SAP consultant at a global level.

My struggles did not end at that point. It was very hard to manage my sister and mother during that period, though I was always sending them money. But, I realized that money was not enough to support somebody. I started working part time in Europe and Mauritius to be able to stabilize the situation. This struggle lasted 8 years for my sister to become partially independent and for my mother to start studying again. I finally decided to live my life with some freedom and this was the period I felt free like a bird. I set up my own company, started a sports regime, flew to so many different continents – I started discovering and loving myself for who I am.

I am now 42 and I must say I have had the courage to face life, no matter the situations I have been through, and remail positive throughout. Positivity and belief, the backbone to succeed in everything that we do. I have learned how to believe in myself, how to be successful and empower others.
Now, I am the director of RASU-IT, a company providing reliable, savvy and unique solutions to SAP related issues on a global scale.

I founded Rasu-IT for the purposes of providing reliable, adaptable, savvy and unique solutions to some of the most complex IT oriented problems experienced by companies globally. I am leading edge female entrepreneur passionate about advocacy for women in the IT sector globally. A proponent of gender equality and inclusiveness in the IT sector globally for women, I feel fortunate to be a role model for women in the IT sector and to this end established Rasu-IT, a company with strong foundations in embracing diversity in the workplace.

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