How Your Company Can Attract and Retain Top Talent – with Benefits!

According to Kaiser Foundation data, around 49 percent of the country’s total population receive group health insurance – health benefits provided by the employer. The remaining 51% have to figure out their healthcare coverage on their own. This can be a tricky slope to navigate, especially with evolving regulations around state laws. The ACA made sweeping changes to the industry in 2008, but that has only created pools of beneficiaries; not necessarily widespread solutions. Having the support and guidance of a professional advocate in the field can make all the difference to a positive research experience. But, as a business owner and business founder, with a rapidly growing and scaling business, how can you offer the kinds of benefits that attract and retain top talent? And how can you afford health benefits for a rapidly expanding workforce? And, how do you make smart choices for your employees, and your business? Today, we’ll speak with Dr. Noor Ali, a Bangladeshi-American medical doctor who champions the way for business owners and business founder, and creates fresh perspectives on health insurance options from an inside lens.

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