Find Your Sweet Spot in Leadership

To maximize your effectiveness you must find your “sweet spot.” Your sweet spot is where your motivations and strengths intersect. When you find your sweet spot and begin operating out of it, you will experience increased joy and fulfillment, because you will be in your most natural position.

To find your sweet spot, you first have to know what motivates you to be successful, what drives you to take on the responsibility of leadership. When you focus on the reasons behind your actions, you’ll begin to understand your motivations. It takes a lot of motivation to lead an organization, and understanding yours allows you to lean on them when you need a push.

Once you identify your motivations, you need to know your strengths. What are you good at? What type of work should you be doing? What separates you from other employees at your company?

When you know what you want to do and why you want to do it, you are drawing on motivated capabilities. This is a powerful, efficient way to work. When you find your motivated capabilities you are operating in your sweet spot.

Listen in as Zondra Evans, Executive Producer of the Communications Award-Winning TV Network Zondra TV, Best Selling Author and a Certified Self Investment Strategist, helps explain how you can you reach your full potential as you continue to pursue True North, in your Sweet Spot of leadership!

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