Conflict-IQ in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution is more than a soft skill – it is a deliberate and conscious effort that encompasses a bit of understanding about psychology, humanity, anthropology, and sociology. With the prevalence of conflict in our everyday life, there is no better time to gain conflict intelligence than now.

In today’s program, we’ll talk about alternative ways of handling difficult conversations – shedding a light on how conflict resolution can impact an organization’s positive culture – as well as YOUR career development! Not all conflict can be resolved – but it can be managed.

The most effective leaders have developed the ability to handle conflicts and see them as an opportunity to grow. Conflict intelligence is the ability to harness the skills and resources needed to manage conflicts in the organization. As a leader, your ability to understand the different cultural paradigms and other intrinsic and extrinsic factors is critical in conflict management.

As subtle as it can be, conflict management is the key to getting the best out of everyone. It is the glue that holds everyone together – regardless of their cultural differences.

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