Attracting High-Fee Clients on LinkedIn: Creating Customers for Life

LinkedIn still remains the one and only place for ambitious, serious, results-oriented professionals to recognize each other by the fruits of a lifetime of work. Social Selling (sometimes called relationship marketing) represents the most significant advancement in both sales and marketing AND both digital and traditional networking. It’s a seismic shift that propels us to a mindset and strategy that combine the precision of digital targeting with the true civility of deeply personal relationships. A high touch Social Selling strategy generates both remarkable marketing and remarkable ROI for all our sales efforts. We are freed – forever – from the stress of spending too much time talking to the wrong people with messaging that doesn’t make much of a difference. Our sales continue to skyrocket inside a consistent commitment to deliver huge value to our very special audience. According to Forbes, Ellen Melko Moore is “America’s top Linkedin thought-leader. She specializes in working with high fee consultants and clients and is here to talk with us about online networking that creates offline conversations, friendships, and collaborations. Listen in!

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