Take Back Your Weekends: Do All You Do Without Guilt, Stress and Burnout

Feeling guilty when you’re relaxing because you know you have so much work to do? And then feeling guilty when you’re working because you aren’t giving enough attention to your family and self-care? I think we can all relate – and we know that is a recipe for regret and burnout.
If you’re not happy with your stress level – and happiness and joy feel like distant memories, then something about how you’re approaching your workload has to change. Period.
If you are a high achiever who wants to do all you do, but without the guilt, stress and risk of burnout, then this podcast episode is for you! Today, Allison Graham will share frameworks and perspectives for you and your team to better manage your unending to-do list and solve obstacles faster. And, along the way, Allison will sprinkle a llittle hope and inspiration to balance the tough reality checks and straight talk.
Listen in!

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