Sustainability is Now Mission Critical for Businesses in 2021

Today’s executives are dealing with a complex and unprecedented combination of social, environmental, market, and technological trends. These challenges require sophisticated, sustainability-based management. We know that consumers are shifting purchasing decisions to brands with integrity, social responsibility, and sustainability, at their core. Today’s consumers expect more transparency, honesty, and tangible positive social impact from companies and can choose from a raft of sustainable, competitively priced, high quality products.  In fact, one study found that environmental and social responsibility was the only significant factor that affected respondents’ evaluation of a firm and intent to buy. Those companies that proactively make sustainability core to business strategy will drive innovation and engender enthusiasm and loyalty from employees, customers, suppliers, communities and investors.  And, that’s why we’re so glad to welcome Stephanie Stahl, CEO and Co-Founder of Ace of Air, a circular beauty and wellness business launching in 2021, to LeadHERship Global podcast to talk with us about why sustainability is now mission critical for businesses in 2021.

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