Nail Your Personal Brand: Authentic, Differentiated, Productive

Is your personal brand living up to your aspirations? When you apply for a C-Suite position or a public board seat, or you’re raising capital, selling high value products or inspiring your teams – how you present yourself makes an enormous difference. Unlike a job, your personal brand follows you wherever you go, so it’s critical to define it, nurture it, and fire it up so you stand out and achieve results.Listen in today as Nicole DeMeo and Jeanine Moss of Outfront Solutions explain how to differentiate yourself, harness the power of visual branding and engage your communities to drive your success – and harness the power of YOU. You’ll get resources to help you uncover the “authentic” you, your purpose and create your unique value proposition.Learn how to apply the same branding principles, that helped to create iconic companies like Apple and Nike, to your personal brand so that your story sticks. You’ll hear tales of brand building for some of the world’s most high profile leaders from Steve Jobs to Carly Fiorina!

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