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2022 Topic Schedule


Content marketing your thought-leadership


How to generate 84 articles in 24 hours


Crisis communications for your business

No one likes to think about bad things. But isn’t it better to get it out of the way by spending some organized time now so you don’t have to kick yourself later? In this webinar we’ll discuss the crisis communications plan, how it works, and give you a handout to do it yourself. When the ‘net goes down, don’t go down with it!


Positioning and messaging for fundraising

What you say and how you say it is perhaps even more critical during the fundraising stage than it is when you launch your business. Learn how to develop your strategic narrative for fundraising, and how that’s different than what you use for internal and external communications.


Fundraising options for female founders

In the never-ending struggle to level the playing field for female entrepreneurs, come learn about the growing number of resources available to female founders seeking funding for their ventures.


How to be unabashedly visible

It’s easy to talk about stepping into your power, but overcoming your natural reticence, cultural imperatives as a woman, or simply as a person opposed to braggadocio is key to not only helping yourself but also other women. In this webinar you’ll be encouraged to step into the light, and to learn to love it so you can advance yourself, your business, and all women struggling with self-promotion.


The art and science of account management to increase retention and sales

The talent and heroism demonstrated by superior account managers often goes unrecognized by team members and clients. Yet their nuanced methods of advancing business interests are critical to retain and grow their client base. Learn about how to apply the science artfully in small and large ways from collecting fees to getting past significant disagreements.


Maximizing the connection between marketing and sales

Think of marketing as the lure that gets prospects close enough for sales to swoop in and get the paperwork signed. Yet making this handoff is almost never smooth and more than sometimes means lost deals. In this webinar you’ll learn how to start with common vernacular and carry the collaboration through to the end so everyone gets their bonus.


Launch strategies during turbulent times

When you’re ready to launch there’s no time like the present (unless of course, there’s inflation, recession, elections, social movements and a pandemic). Times like these require good audience listening. In this Masterclass, we share stories of how we launched our business in April of 2020, and successfully helped clients adjust their messaging and marketing strategies to map to the mood … and prevail.


How to act like a unicorn

It takes time, a plan, and the right team to birth a unicorn (a company with a valuation of $1B or more). In this Masterclass you’ll learn what to look for and how to create the right environment for a unicorn to be born based on our personal experience of being in the delivery room and launching four Unicorns and one Decacorn ($10B plus).


How purpose drives talent acquisition

Once upon a time employees were just happy to have a job. Today, with The Great Resignation, talent is in the driver’s seat. And unlike in other years, compensation isn’t enough to cut it. Today’s workforce wants to align with their employer’s purpose. In this webinar we’ll explore what purpose means, how to find yours, and how to inculcate it throughout your organization.


Working with enterprise organizations

How you dress, what you say, how you present, and how much patience you have are all fair game when dealing with Fortune 500 organizations. Adapting to the style of your client is an imperative, so in this webinar we’ll share success stories about overcoming corporate challenges to come out on top – whether you’re a consultant or an employee.

Your Facilitators

Nicole DeMeo Headshot

Nicole DeMeo

Founder, Outfront Solutions
Global On-Demand CMO

Nicole DeMeo, Founder of Outfront Solutions, is an accomplished marketing executive, business launch, growth and turnaround expert. A Silicon Valley veteran, she works closely with executive teams and fund managers to develop strategies and guide organizations through multiple phases of their life cycles. Outfront Solutions maps the path to success with growth strategies that help you nail revenue goals, increase valuation, raise the next round, or find the path to exit.

Jeanine Moss Headshot

Jeanine Moss

Founder, Outfront Solutions
Global On-Demand CMO

Jeanine Moss, Founder of Outfront Solutions with Nicole, is a brand development, marketing and communications specialist who guides people, organizations and brands from launch to growth. Well-schooled in cultural shifts and having shepherded numerous organizations through global crises, Jeanine focuses on providing insightful, effective, and practical branding, marketing and communications solutions. From start-up to IPO or exit, Outfront Solutions works with business leaders to adapt their brand, marketing, and business development to build a new future.

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