Investing in Space Innovation is Key to Solving Our Greatest Challenges on Earth

Did you know that virtually every community, infrastructure, and aspect of modern life is profoundly reliant on or affected by space technologies? Investing in space innovation is key to solving our greatest challenges on earth. In fact, space is driving the era of access and opportunity. As history has shown, when we create more access, we create more opportunity for people, jobs, research, and innovation — both in space exploration and space-to-Earth industries. Today, Shelli Brunswick, the COO of the Space Foundation, will discuss the growing opportunities for space technology innovation in the $447 billion space economy and the importance of global collaboration. By prioritizing workforce and education initiatives, and establishing norms of behavior to work together peacefully in space, we can drive unprecedented advancement and innovation around the world. With more than 80% of business opportunities in the space sector generated from commercial enterprises, the vibrant supply chain relies on entrepreneurs and small businesses to contribute new products. The space industry needs an inclusive and diverse workforce so that everyone in all skill sets — STEM and non-STEM — can pursue studies, jobs, careers and business ventures. Advocating for space technology innovation and entrepreneurship, Shelli collaborates with commercial, government and educational sectors around the globe on initiatives for space commerce, young professionals, teacher development, and space-inspired curriculum.

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