How to Manage Your Sales Process as a Busy Entrepreneur

Every woman is capable of making big sales – even to elusive corporate clients! Today, we’ll hear from Melinda Chen, Founder of Women Making Big Sales, who says that her years of experience working with different businesses have taught her that:

·      You are already connected to your big clients’ key decision-makers, but you may not be aware of it yet.

·      Your service or product is unique. You have the power to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

·      With big clients, you have the potential to become an industry leader.

As with everything in life, it takes work and perseverance. Effective sales techniques are intuitive and easy to implement – but their impact is dramatic and can significantly grow your business! 

Melinda Chen is a sales executive and trainer with 15 years of experience and a sales track record of generating 8-figures. She specializes helping entrepreneurs sell to “hard-to-access” decision makers, and really big clients. Listen in as we talk to Melinda about how female entrepreneurs can sell and land more corporate clients and close 5, 6-figure sales!

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