How to Leverage Your Biorhythm for Peak Performance

While biorhythm theories have been present since ancient cultures, including those that practiced natal astrology, most theories are based on cycled periods – twenty-three days (physical/male), and twenty-eight days (emotional/female).

The physical, or male, cycle relates to coordination, physical energy, strength, and overall well-being. Twenty-three days in length, the cycle supports more awareness of times for optimum exertion and time for rest and recovery. The emotional, or female, cycle is a 28-day cycle centers around creativity, awareness, and emotional sensitivity and can be helpful in managing depression or other mood disorders.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, humans operate on a delicate biorhythm of various cycles, from the physical, intellectual, intuitive, spiritual, to even the aesthetic. Biorythms can be thought of as the body’s holistic mathematical system that can predict, or when studied, consciously control certain aspects of one’s life such as high performance, creativity, and emotional receptivity.

Biorhythms are “invisible waves of energy within the human body that are constantly in flux.” Considered unique to each person, these energy levels are thought to begin the moment we are born. But how can you leverage your biorhythm to achieve peak performance as a women?

Kayla Osterhoff has dedicated the last several years of her career to researching women’s neuropsychology. Her investigative efforts into the brains and minds of women led her to a major discovery about the female biorhythm and how it provides women with unique cognitive and leadership abilities. Kayla is now dedicated to sharing her research discoveries to empower women leaders around the globe!

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