How to Build Strong, Healthy and High-Performing Teams

Great teams don’t just happen. As a leader, it’s up to you to get people to work well together and produce great results. And, of course, there is a direct correlation between team health and team performance. In simple terms, healthy teams are high performing teams.  A healthy team is one in which team members feel comfortable being themselves, asking questions, sharing ideas, and trusting that their co-workers are there for them when needed. A healthy team is one in which team members feel valued, respected and safe.  

The global pandemic, while only a point in time, represents a critical moment for all leaders to pivot. What has served leaders in the past, will not necessarily serve them in the future of work – now that we are now managing remote teams, blended personal/professional lives and a changing economy.

So, how do you know how to best support the team, assess the team’s strengths, and the behaviors and practices that require improvement?  To help us is Jen Bonfilio, Vice President of People for Tallwave, a leading customer experience design company, bringing innovative ideas to life.

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