From Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Transition Smoothly

After you’ve been employed for a few years, you probably have job security, a regular income, benefits, and a bright future. Even so, you may want more out of life, and starting your own business may be the way to get it. However, moving from employee to entrepreneur requires planning, a clear understanding of your career objectives, and confidence that you can do the job as an independent business owner.

Many of us dream of business ownership, and while some start-ups grow into successful businesses, many do not. As an employee, you enjoy a certain security in knowing you’ll get paid, but as a business owner, you may not get paid for all those extra hours you work to build your business. Jumping from employee to entrepreneur may be a leap of faith, but it’s faith in your ability to achieve business success.

Join us today as Kayleigh O’Keefe, Founder of Soul Excellence Publishing, helps you understand how to move from employee to entrepreneur and manage the transition smoothly!  Listen in as Kayleigh explains how to change your mindset from worker to owner. You think differently, you act differently, you plan ahead, and look to the past for what worked and what didn’t.  Kayleigh will walk you through the path to follow your dreams and have faith in your ability to smoothly transition from employee to entrepreneur, increasing your chances for the success of your new company.

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