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Revenue Revolution Roundtable – Creating Effective Marketing Copy

July 11 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT

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Join us in July for an action-packed hour in our training session and hands-on workshop, “Creating Effective Marketing Copy” to provide a sustainable competitive advantage for your business!  You have questions about how to differentiate your business from the competition? This is your opportunity to get real answers, in real time.

In the world of marketing, your words are more than just text on a page or screen; they are the voice of your brand, the bridge connecting your products or services to your potential customers. But here’s the challenge – how do you write in a way that stands out, engages, and persuades in an ever-competitive marketplace? That’s exactly what we’re here to explore.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Effective Marketing Copy: Grasp the essential elements that make marketing copy not just good, but great.
  • The Art of Persuasive Writing: Discover how to craft messages that persuade and influence, using time-tested principles of persuasive writing.
  • Tone, Style, and Voice: Learn how to find and use the right tone and style that aligns with your brand and speaks directly to your audience.

Jennifer Tamborski is a seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist specializing in empowering business owners with innovative marketing and tailored digital strategies. With over a decade of agency experience, she understands the challenges entrepreneurs face, particularly those striving to reach the 250K mark and beyond.

Jennifer focuses on providing actionable insights and guidance to help businesses surpass their goals and scale their business without overstretching resources. She’s the go-to partner for turning big dreams into tangible realities.

This is a LeadHERship Global event and is open to all members of LeadHERship and prospective members. Guests, either women or men, may attend up to two of our events without being a member. Our membership is only open to women.


July 11
11:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT
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