Emerging Lessons about Diversity and Inclusion from the Crisis

Guest: Trudy Bourgeois

Some leaders may have diverted their focus away from diversity and inclusion as they grappled with urgent questions around how to manage the new economic realities of the global pandemic. But, if organizations are not actively renewing their commitment to stamping out discrimination, they can expect to see inequities grow deeper and more insidious. But, smart leaders will use this time to understand these needs and re-configure diversity and inclusion support programs to meet them, rather than trying to make old resources fit new problems. Research has proven over and over again that executives at organizations with advanced diversity and inclusion strategies are about 30% more likely than others to feel highly loyal, innovative and set up for top performance. To help all of us better understand how to gain the most from diversity and inclusion programs, join us as Trudy Bourgeois, one of America’s leading experts on transformational leadership and a highly regarded leader in the field of leadership and diversity and inclusion, discusses how to unleash the greatest potential of every employee.

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