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2023 Topic Schedule


3 Ways to Build a Trusted Brand

Join us for a power-packed masterclass focused on the future of trust, with Guest Speaker Judy Shapiro!

  • Brand Authenticity: How customers know if you’re telling the truth
  • Content strategy: Accurate, reliable and unbiased
  • Personal privacy


5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Help Your Marketing

This one-hour, impactful masterclass will review the importance of Emotional intelligence with Guest Speaker Janis Nokano Spivack!

  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Building relationships with Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Get Better Marketing Results with Emotional Intelligence
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence at scale


6 Ways Cultural Shifts Are Impacting Your Sales

Don’t miss this insightful webinar that helps you leverage key Cultural shifts in your messaging and marketing to create relevance with your audience! Be timely, relevant and relatable!  Society changed. Did your marketing?

  • Cultural shifts affecting your market
    • Recession
    • Diversity
    • Emotional Intelligence (HSP)
    • Home ownership
    • Health & wellness
    • Spirituality


Making Sense of ChatGPT, Bard and Other AI Tools

You’ve seen the hype about ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool by OpenAI. Generative AI tools tap a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics, from business management and marketing to customer service and more. But how do we use them in day-to-day business? Is it worth the time investment?

Learn more about these generative AI tools and:

  • How you can save time and energy while also gaining valuable insights and strategies for growing your business.
  • Get help with drafting customer responses, follow-up emails, social media,
  • And ultimately create content that better converts and drives sales.

MAY 19

3 Ways to Get People Into Today’s Marketing Funnel (with guest panelist Jennifer Tamborski)

Getting people into the top of the marketing funnel is an absolutely critical – and difficult task for busy business owners! Learn the insider secrets to driving customer acquisition and move prospects through to conversion! This is one of most critical aspects of driving your growth and scale!

  • Content marketing
  • PPC/SEO/email
  • Affiliate and partnership marketing


Got Thought Leadership? Now What?

It’s easy to talk about stepping into the limelight, expanding your influence and raising your profile, but finding the right audience for your thought-leadership is something else, altogether. In this webinar, you’ll be encouraged to get more value from your thought-leadership and monetize your expertise - while advancing yourself, your business!

  • Finding the audience for your Thought Leadership
  • How to get more value from your ideas
  • How to track results without a big budget


Making Sense of Today’s Marketing Technologies for Small and Medium Businesses

They probably snuck right in under your nose: Shopify, Hootsuite, Crazy Egg. Today, more than 10,000 marketing technologies are helping brands and businesses reach more people, faster, better, and with measurable results.
Join us to discuss which technology tools are right for you.

  • Learn about tools you might be missing.
  • Ask us about your tech stack and hear what others are using!
  • Hear about completely new marketing technologies that could help catapult you to another level!


Strategically Telling Your Business Story (with guest speaker Melissa Reaves)

Stories are a strategic way to connect with your audiences. In fact, storytelling is an essential business skill! But what makes a compelling business story? What stories should you have ready to go in your own Story Library to use in meetings, podcasts, media interviews and keynotes? In this webinar, we’re joined by Melissa Reaves, master storyteller and author of a best-selling book, The Story Teller’s Mind Movie: Become an Emotionally Connected Leader Through Your Storytelling.

  • Join us to discuss how you can "edu-tain" your audience and persuade at the same time.
  • Learn Melissa’s 5 top tips for effective business storytelling that puts "heart behind your charts."


Illuminate & Expand Your Inner Wisdom & Power To Transform Your Personal Brand [Guest speaker, Transformational Coach Melanie Shine]

To shine in the world and transform our personal brands , we need to know ourselves deeply and source our light from the inside out. Transformational coaching for women and men in community helps create a safe space to go within and open to your rich inner resource in your body. Deep embodiment practice helps you to navigate life’s challenges more easily, and bring your gifts to the world. In this interactive session with Nicole & Jeanine’s coach Melanie Shine you will:

  • Be guided through modalities/embodiment practices to help you go within
  • Open new pathways to self understanding
  • Experience Melanie’s active, guided meditation practice that blends music, deep connection, and self-listening
  • Understand how this can be transformative to your personal brand.


Your Headshot/Visual Branding: An Instant Story Telling Tool! (Guest photographer joins our discussion)

Like a logo, a headshot is visual branding and represents who you are and who you aspire to be. Visual inputs come first in the hierarchy of senses. You can blame it on digital distraction, but we have nano-seconds to connect.
The right headshot sets your trajectory. In this session we discuss:

  • Why you need it and how to get good headshots.
  • Tips and tricks from producing hundreds of photoshoots working with world famous photographers.
  • How to prepare for your photoshoot so that you come out with phenomenal shots to set your new course!


Customer Success: Marketing’s Most Overlooked, Yet Important Revenue-Generator (Guest speaker Lauren Costella)

Join us and our guest speaker: Lauren Costella, Chief Customer Officer, as she tells the story of her 10-year journey in customer service and why we should consider it a value driver as opposed to a cost center.

  • Are there hidden value propositions among your customers that you might not be aware of?
  • What makes for a long-term customer?
  • What parts of the customer journey are you losing people, and why?
  • These are some of the questions a Customer Success approach to client management can answer.


The 4 Top Online Buying Signals

Creating a reliable and robust sales funnel is the lifeblood to any business. And, it’s more important than ever to have productive digital lead generation program that works! Join us for this important discussion about how to ramp up your sales through digital channels, consistently and effectively!

  • How to find people interested in what you have to sell online
  • How to recognize their buying signals
  • Four Online Buying Signals You Should Watch for and Might Miss

Your Facilitators

Nicole DeMeo Headshot

Nicole DeMeo

Founder, Outfront Solutions
Global On-Demand CMO

Nicole DeMeo, Founder of Outfront Solutions, is an accomplished marketing executive, business launch, growth and turnaround expert. A Silicon Valley veteran, she works closely with executive teams and fund managers to develop strategies and guide organizations through multiple phases of their life cycles. Outfront Solutions maps the path to success with growth strategies that help you nail revenue goals, increase valuation, raise the next round, or find the path to exit.

Jeanine Moss Headshot

Jeanine Moss

Founder, Outfront Solutions
Global On-Demand CMO

Jeanine Moss, Founder of Outfront Solutions with Nicole, is a brand development, marketing and communications specialist who guides people, organizations and brands from launch to growth. Well-schooled in cultural shifts and having shepherded numerous organizations through global crises, Jeanine focuses on providing insightful, effective, and practical branding, marketing and communications solutions. From start-up to IPO or exit, Outfront Solutions works with business leaders to adapt their brand, marketing, and business development to build a new future.

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